Istanbul Escorts

One of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul. It’s historical values ​​and unique strait not found in any other city in the world fascinate the visitors. So, are they enough for a visitor? Of course not. One of the most important aspects that make a city attractive is the life of entertainment and nightlife. Let’s see what is happening in Istanbul nights.

When it comes to entertainment, the first places that come to mind in Istanbul are the clubs open until the first light of the morning. Although they are in most of the central areas of the city; nightclubs are densely located in Beyoglu, Nisantasi, Etiler, Bebek and Aksaray on the European side. Particularly places located on the banks of the Bosphorus allows you to enjoy both entertainment and scenery at the same time. They are also a good alternative to meeting women who are the most beautiful part of night life.

Ways to find an Istanbul escort

Are you here for a short time and don’t want to have a long conversation with a woman to get her into bed? Then you should reach Istanbul escorts. In Istanbul you can find thousands of women who have sex for money. But Istanbul is a mixed city and you should be careful about who you are playing with. This sector in Turkey is not under control, therefore it will be helpful for you to contact only with an organization worked properly. Even so, we will tell you all the ways to meet a girl from istanbul.

Escort Agencies

The most trouble-free way to get to Istanbul escorts is to contact an agency. Agencies do this work in the highest quality. They can also offer dozens of options and alternatives. They have the least risk of experiencing problems due to their systematic work.

Independent Escorts

You can easily access the independent Istanbul escorts on the internet. These girls serve lower prices than agencies. Although this seems to be an advantage, the quality of service is also starting to drop with wages. Because independent girls have to keep track of their own business and find customers ownself. For this reason, it is difficult for them to pay attention to you and the work they are doing.

Massage Parlors

They call “happy ending” in Turkey. There are many massage parlors in Istanbul that offer happy ending service. Since this is not a legal service, you cannot find a list of these places somewhere. But with a little observation, you can guess which parlor provides happy ending service. You don’t need to bargain or ask. At the end of your massage, the masseuse girls ask if you want a happy ending.


The streets are the oldest places where this business started to run. You can find many Istanbul escorts during the night in certain streets such as Halaskargazi Street (Şişli), Tarlabaşı Street (Beyoğlu) and Bağdat Street (Kadıköy). If you’re looking for a heterosexual relationship, there’s something we’d like to inform. These escorts are mostly transsexual individuals. Women escorts got away from the streets in recent years. They are attempting to find customers on internet nowadays. With the Internet, street escorts has descreased.


There are many brothels in Istanbul. Only two of them are legally operating under state control. You can get very cheap service at these legal brothels. Of course, this service remains at a very basic level. You need to pay an extra tip for a more satisfactory service. In addition, these brothels work only at certain hours, such as workplaces.

In addition to these, you can find many privately operated brothels in Beyoğlu and Karaköy. These venues work outside state control and involve many risks. If you want to have lasting memories, we do not recommend Istanbul brothels.